Tips To Buy A Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Tips To Buy A Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Sheet metal laser cutting machines are known for providing high-quality results in the industrial field. These machines are considered highly measurable that give incredible results in cutting the surface of a metal. If you are in the market for buying a sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine, you must first determine what type of materials you’ll be cutting with the machine. Write down the maximum thickness of each material you intend to cut. This will ensure you can use the right power level for your material. This information will determine the size of the cutting bed and the platform where the metal sheets will be placed for cutting.

Esprit’s IRIS (Intelligent, Real-Time Information System):

With the IRIS (Intelligent, Real Time Information System) laser cutting system, you can monitor and manage your Esprit laser cutting machine anywhere at any time. The system also helps you minimize downtime and improve customer service.

Esprit’s CNC FSCUT:

Esprit’s CNC fiber laser cutting machines feature high-speed and high-accuracy cutting. They also feature several advanced features that simplify the use of the machines and optimize efficiency. These machines can also help you save on your monthly electricity bills and operating expenses. The machine also features safety features to prevent accidents or damage to your equipment.

Esprit’s fiber laser cutters:

The fiber laser cutting head generates different wavelengths of laser light delivered over a fiber optic cable. These wavelengths are better absorbed by the material, improving results when cutting thick materials. The cut front geometry also improves the absorption of the fiber laser beam. Cutting speeds are shown in table 5. The auxiliary gas consumption is displayed in table 6. The difference decreases to 2 times for a 5 mm sheet.

Esprit Automation has recently launched its photon series of fiber laser cutting machines. The photon series combines high performance with flexibility and user-friendliness. With g-force accelerations up to 5g, the machines are designed for high-precision cutting applications. Moreover, the photon fiber laser cutters can easily replace older CO2 laser machines.

Esprit’s CO2 laser cutters:

Since the 1970s, CO2 lasers have been used in sheet metal cutting applications. This technology has come a long way, but the rapid development of fiber lasers has changed the game entirely. The use of fiber lasers in sheet metal cutting will continue to expand and will soon be commonplace in industrial applications.